Cheddar and gruyere

March 24, 2023Pairing food

What wines pair well with cheddar and gruyere?

A variety of nutty, savory cheeses are generally wine friendly and can be paired with a broad range of wines. Rich, oaky whites, including Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc blends, are often a good choice for these types of cheese. For example, a fine Gruyère cheese would pair well with a decent Meursault. White Rioja made with the Viura grape, particularly if it has been aged in oak, can be a good match for cheddar-type cheeses and stronger, rind-washed cheeses like tomme or raclette. Chasselas, a grape variety from Switzerland, is often associated with fondue and can be paired with many other nutty cheeses. Chasselas wines from other regions, like Germany and eastern France, can also work well. The Petite Arvine grape variety tends to make more robust wines and can be a good choice for pairing with raclette cheese. Comté cheese from the Jura region, which has nutty and toffee flavors, is classically paired with the Sherry-like Vin Jaune, but it can also be paired with the whites mentioned above. Cheddar cheese can be too salty for tannic red wines like Bordeaux, but it may work well with milder reds. Red Rioja is a popular choice for pairing with cheese in the UK. Some top recommendations for pairing with nutty, savory cheeses include Meursault from Burgundy, France; Chasselas from Valais, Switzerland; and Sauvignon-Semillon from Margaret River, Western Australia.