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LICORES MADURO is a distributor and exclusive agent for an extensive variety of internationally well-known alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the island of Curacao. Being in direct contact with over 900 establishments and giving indirectly service to approximately 500 retailers, gives LICORES an extensive market coverage.

Aside from its island wide distribution channel, Licores Maduro also has a retail outlet; The Store, where all beverages are being showcased. Here you can find over 700 different wines, premium spirits, locally produced water Claro and many more. Its abundant product lines offer a taste of every region in the world – for every discerning flavor.

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Our Team

Licores Maduro’s success is not only due to the quality of our products but also due to a great team, knowledge and experience.


What we stand for

Mission Statement




Licores Maduro commits to continually represent the highest quality wine, beer, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages and foods, in its category. We commit to provide superior service to our customers and continue to develop positive relationships with our suppliers while showing respect and value to our employees and community.

To continue growing responsibly and profitably as the number one beverage and food distributor on Curaçao, while being passionately focused on value, selection, exceptional service and sustainability

Customer Service
We are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers, at all times and under all circumstances.

We are dedicated to distributing and selling only the highest quality products within their category.

We are always exploring innovative and unique ways to bring value to both our suppliers and customers.

We work together to create a work environment that fosters team spirit and harmony amongst all. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and boost the company’s growth.

We believe in leadership by example.

We act with honesty, fairness and respect towards each other and our community at all times.

We strive to increase our positive contribution to our community.

Our History

Serving many generations

Licores maduro in it's early years

We are Licores Maduro

A company with a strong philosophy and focus on brand building, the company has formed a deep relationship with internationally known trade names that now form part of the company’s portfolio.

From humble beginnings in 1910, J.E.MAURICIO slowly emerged into a powerhouse in the distribution and marketing of alcoholic beverage and mineral water industry. Since 1983, Omar van der Dijs, grandson of the initial founder, turned around what was then a fading company, from a 2,000 cases of beer a month into a 40,000 cases operation. Acquiring LICORES MADURO in 1999, the company became the island’s market leader in spirits, wines, and locally manufactured and imported mineral waters. With a strong philosophy and focus on brand building, the company has formed a deep relationship with internationally known trade names that now form part of the company’s portfolio.




Climate Control Storage

Located on a 100,000 sq. ft. lot, with 45,000 sq. ft. of office and warehousing facilities, Licores Maduro is also able to efficiently operate its bonded warehouse and retail stores that services both retail and wholesale consumers. Genuine care and attention is being given to the transportation process, while handling and storing the products upon arrival.

Free of charge climate control wine cabinets are also being offered to our clients. Wine has to be stored in an optimum environment. Our priority is to safeguard the wines and to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Licores Maduro gives a high quality service, in an efficient manner, to approximately 900 establishments on the island for 6 days per week.

Our management information system has a state-of-the-art beverage distribution software that facilitates the actual recording of sales, but also the placing of future sales orders. Each department has direct access through the sales information, accounts receivable, delivery routes, etc.

The warehousing facility at Licores Maduro has become a home to many beverages. To ensure optimal quality, wines are stored in a high-tech temperature-controlled storage facility.

Licores Maduro has earned the trust to house many of the world’s finest brands.

Sales and Distribution

6 Trucks of diverse loading capacity and 6 delivery vans back up LICORES MADURO’s transportation fleet. The fleet is electronically linked to the central office by a GPS systems and distribution staff is provided with hand-held computers for invoicing.

The different account categories are serviced by a professional sales- and merchandising team. The team is equipped with hand-held electronic devices which enables them to have “live” access to client details, order history, statistics and other relevant account data.

Customers have access to their own “retailer portal” which enables them to process orders electronically.



sales & Marketing

Licores Maduro management team consists of professionals who have been in the beverages business for years. Their knowledge and valuable insights in the global spirits and wine industry have been the driving forces of the day to day operations, marketing and sales objectives as well as the overall company functions.

Through their acquired experience and customer centered focus, our sales team ensures that all clients’ needs, wants and expectations are met, while upholding brand and company guidelines. Whether they cater to the Off-Premise or On-Premise market, their customer-orientated skills combined with their extensive product knowledge, guarantees the best service and pleasant working relationship with all clients.

Throughout the years, our company has built a reputable network on the island. The sales and marketing department contributes to the market penetration and the positioning of well-known local and international brands represented by Licores Maduro.



Welcome to The Store of Licores Maduro. Allow us to take you on a short trip through many different parts of the world. At The Store, you can find a wide variety of diverse high quality beverages. If you are interested in an award winning whisky from Scotland to enjoy on the rocks, or a full-bodied red wine from Argentina that pairs well with your meat, or a fruity champagne flavor for a celebration, The Store has you covered. The Store of Licores Maduro offers exquisite tastes from all over the world, just under one roof.

Whatever the occasion, whatever your budget and whatever your needs, The Store endeavors to find the best match for you. Visit us for advice, to taste selected wines from our Verre de Vin machine or to simply experience the flavors of the world here on Curaçao!

The Store

try before you buy

Events & Tasting Area

Every month there will be a different selection of wines for tasting with our state-of-the-art Verre de Vin machine, a climate controlled wine cabinet that endures the best quality of the wine. Feel free to visit us and experience our “Try before you buy” option.

Licores Maduro offers personalized event services and interesting wine courses that include a wide selection of wines or spirits and the use of The Store, our pleasing tasting area. Optional catering and sommelier services are available as well. If you are interested in following a wine/spirit course or organizing an event at The Store, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. To ensure availability, it is recommended to submit your inquiry two weeks ahead of your planned activity.